Tree Poetry

A huge focus for this term in Writing has been about how to use adjectives. Last week we created our own tree poems using a Five Senses format. Below are the senses and some of the student voice we gathered ExploringSimiles The children them went outside and identified a tree on the school grounds they … More Tree Poetry

Time is Ticking

As we explore time… The children made their own clocks after we made a giant clock in class. Together we broke time down into hours and minutes. Literally jumping in fives around our giant circle. The children got to play the hour or minute hand and had to put themselves into the correct position on … More Time is Ticking

Fantastic Forts

Last Thursday we had the awesome challenge of designing, discussing, voting and constructing two classroom forts. We started by designing our dream forts and thinking about where we could have them in the classroom. We decided after sharing that we would have two teams. One run by three Artistic Directors who made all the decisions … More Fantastic Forts

Life Dance

The dance was performed today during the whole school assembly,thank you to the parents who were able to come along and see it and for those of you who will hear all about and I’m sure want photos here you go: The children created and danced their way through many different situations. From waking up … More Life Dance

Hmmmmm Dada Homework

We are currently reading an interesting class book ‘Bettina Valentino and the Picasso Club’. The premise is about a student Bettina who gets a new Art teacher at school and becomes intrigued by the Dada movement (a surrealist form of Art). Bettina’s class create a Dada poem, the kids loved this idea. In the text … More Hmmmmm Dada Homework


Following on from Shapes we explored positional language. The kids were learning about left, right, clockwise, anti-clockwise, up,around etc. They had to use positional language to direct their buddy around mazes, around the classroom and around the school. Following on from this we looked at the x and y axis! And plotting a course or … More Co-ordinates